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HMMWV FULL Hard Doors DIY Drawings
  • HMMWV FULL Hard Doors DIY Drawings

    Fabrication Drawings and Flat Patterns to Build your own Hard FULL Doors for your HMMWV. This design is M1097.  These Drawings are for DOORS ONLY!!!! 

    ***(Due to every Humvee being within a 1/4”-1/2” off some manual labor and a hammer may be required). *** READ EVERYTHING BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING PRINTS. ***


    You will receive pdf set of Fabrication prints and a dxf file of Flat Patterns for a CNC Plasma Torch or Laser to burn parts. These drawings requires you to have these parts cut out on a CNC Torch or Laser. These drawings are based on using 10ga Carbon Steel sheets and utilizing 1 bolt size for the whole project. This design does require the pins for the hinges and internal door handle to be welded. This design accounts for a 1/4" variance in dimensions, if your HMMWV is out of that tolerance some fabricating or adjusting may be needed to the parts. You may have to square up your pillars to get your doors to line up.


    This design is not an airtight fit, silicone or substance of your choosing is required to fill any gaps. Some Humvees may require more gap filler than others.


    In the Pics on this listing are the items I ordered off Amazon and Ebay to finish kit. (Latches, door seals, cup holders, windows..ect)


    ***Please leave your Email in the comments so I can email you the DXF Flat pattern file, it will not let me download dxf file format to this platform.***


    ***Flag Panels on Finished Humvee are not part of the Package***

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